A wonder in natural scenery in Kashmir – Pahalgam located at a distance of 96 kms from Srinagar on the banks of River Lidder at an altitude of 7200 ft from sea level.

Attractions being one of the most famous tourist destination in Kashmir  – the Pahalgam is in itself a complete tourist destination in that it has a cool pleasant climate flanked by lofty mountains green carpeted forests and gushing white water  valleys, all that what a tourist requires for enjoyment of a wonderful lifetime holiday.

Further Pahalgam has many beautiful excursion spots which are world famous in the likes of Aru – valley, Beetab – Valley, Chandanwari, Baisaran, Tulian Lake, Sheshnag – Lake, Katernag – Lake, mount Kolohai, Tarsar lake, Marsar – Lake and Lidderwath and not to forget the Pahalgam golf course.


Lidder – River welcomes tourists visiting Pahalgam with its cool breeze and adventurous flow through boulders. Presence of rainbow and brown trout, it attracts Anglers from all over the world. As they say angling in Kashmir is much economical as compared to other parts of the world. Though Angling is a challenge in River – Lidder but it is known as Anglers paradise. Further the River – Lidder presents a good medium for adventure tourism activity like rafting.

Golf course

Pahalgam has one of the serene & capitulating 18 – hole golf course situated at a distance of 10 kms from Pahalgam. Golf championships are organised here by hoteliers.

Beetab – Valley

Picturesquely situated between Pahalgam and Chandanwari flanked by lush green meadows and snow capped mountains – this place is quite famous with Bollywood film industry situated at a distance of 15 kms from Pahalgam.

Attractions – presence of cool & pleasant weather in the area the place is quite famous tourist destination. The area is preferred place for camping & trekking. Also not to be missed is the mention of the fact that the place is being extensively used for shooting Bollywood & local pictures.


Breathtakingly beautiful situated at a distance of 16kms from Pahalgam and a starting point to the famous and revered Amarnath Yatra. This high altitude scenic spot is flanked by lofty and snow carpeted mountains. Tourists can visit the place by four-wheel drive or the hikers can trek the place.

Attractions – the Chandanwari is famous for snow, Sheshnag River which captivates the tourists with its crystal clear waters. The area serves as a starting point towards Amarnath Yatra which is taken by foot and also by palanquin rides.

The weather in the area is very unpredictable & do carry your protective gears like woollens and rain jackets.


Characterised by wooden pine forests & large meadows the Baisaran valley is one of the most beautiful picnic spots situated at a distance of – 5 kms from Pahalgam.

Attractions – Pleasant and serene atmosphere make this place heaven for film industry. Undulating appearance of beautiful meadows and Tulian Lake   – make this place a wonderful tourist attraction.

Tulian Lake   

Picturesquely situated in breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan mountain ranges of Pir Panjal and Zanskar, Tulian Lake   is characterised by large ice masses flowing in it. Flanked by mountains and pine forests this beautiful lake is at a distance of 16 kms from Pahalgam.

Attractions – the high altitude Tulian Lake is about 1100ft above sea level.  Flanked by lofty mountains and pine trees this serene lake and the area around it attract large number of tourists.

Aru – Valley

Picturesquely situated at a distance of 12 kms from Pahalgam flanked by mountains and grasslands this place is visual delight for tourists. The place is a starting point for many famous treks.

Attractions – the place is aptly suited for camping and one can have view of Kolohai peaks from here. Further the treks leading to Kolohai glacier, Sonamarg and most famous trek to Tarsar and Mansar Lake starts from here. Further upwards to 7 kms is situated a frozen high altitude lake called as Katernag lake 4200meters above sea level.

Sheshnag – Lake

Picturesquely situated among lush green meadows and snow covered mountains this high altitude lake is 26kms from Pahalgam. The famous lake is enroute to holy Amarnath cave. The Sheshnag – Lake is famous among Hindu pilgrims.

Being quite famous amongst Hindu pilgrims the Sheshnag – Lake is inhabited by many type of fish of which brown trout is found in abundance.

Attractions – flanked by snow covered mountains & lush green meadows this serene Lake & the around it attracts good number of tourists and trekkers alike. The place is also first stop over for pilgrims on way to Darshan to Amarnath Cave. The Amarnath cave is only 20 kms distance from this lake and some tourists trek upto the Cave while others hire ponies.

Panchtarni – another famous place among Hindu pilgrims on way to the Amarnath Cave is Panchtarni the second stop over before Amarnath Cave. The Panchtarni is about 40.2kms from Pahalgam.

Attractions – flanked by mountains and pleasant atmosphere this serene place is famous for lord Shiva’s – Tandav Dance. Here the Hindu pilgrims take a dip in streams which is considered auspicious.

Tarsar Lake & Marsar Lake

These are two different lakes separated by a mountain and generally referred to as twin sisters and therefore the name Tarsar Lake and the Marsar Lake.

The Tarsar Lake flows out into the Lidder River at Lidderwath while Marsar – Lake flows out in the opposite direction. The Tarsar Lake is at a distance of 34kms and height of 3962 meters from Pahalgam and to reach to the place one has to cross 243 meters high bridge

Attractions  – Flanked by high mountain peaks and serene atmosphere the area around the Tarsar and Marsar Lake is inhabited by migratory birds like high flying Himalayan Golden Eagle, cinnamon sparrows, bar headed geese, lammergeyers and also   frequented by wildlife like Kashmir Hangul (stag), ibex, snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear and golden marmots and the musk deer.

General tips – the area has a cool pleasant climate in summer and a very cold climate in winter but don’t forget to keep your woollens and protective gears with you as the weather can take change in a moment here.  The settlement in the area is very few and the accommodation options are rustic Nomadic camps or you can opt for your own tent and don’t forget to keep your provisions with you if you want to stay in the area for sometime.

How to get to Pahalgam

The best way to reach Pahalgam is by hiring a private four wheel drive or a bus from Srinagar. Some fun loving tourists mostly foreigners even prefer to take motor bikes and bicycles drive upto Pahalgam.