One of the most cherished excursion spots in Kashmir – the Sonamarg is about 2740m above sea level, astounding natural beauty flanked by lofty mountains, serene lakes, flower meadows and gushing white water River Sindh all make this place a wonderful tourist destination.

Attractions – situated at a distance of 87 kms from Srinagar the area around Sonamarg is capital to many tourist & adventure loving activities. Sonamarg is starting point for trekking as some of the most commonly frequented treks start from here. The area around Sonamarg is also famous for some high altitude lakes which are inhabited by trout fish. Some of the most frequented treks on way to Sonamarg and the area around it are Gangabal, Vishensar, Gadsar, Satsar and Kishensar trek. Further the River Sindh is heaven for White Water Rafting. One of the most commonly visited places by all tourists visiting to Sonamarg is the “Thajiwas Glacier”. The glacier and the area around it presents idyllic and breath taking scenery. Located at a distance of 7 kms from Sonamarg the place can be reached by ponies and by foot also. Further 15kms away from Sonamarg is located ‘Baltal’ – which is a camping area for annual Amarnath Yatri’s (pilgrims).

The area around Sonamarg is famous for major tourist activities like trekking & fishing.

Starting from Gangabal Lake trek – the trek to Gangabal Lake starts from Naranag upslope 15 kms is covered by foot as well as by ponies. Gangabal Lake is quite famous with Hindus. Taking a dip in the lake is considered auspicious

Vishensar Lake

Picturesquely situated the Vishensar Lake is high altitude lake at about height of 3710m having length of 1km and width of 0.6km.

Attractions – situated at a distance of 115 kms from Srinagar surrounded by lush green meadows, snow clad mountains, glaciers & alpine flowers the area around Vishensar Lake is big attraction for trekkers. The Lake is inhabited by many type of fish among which brown trout is major one.

Kishensar Lake

Picturesquely situated at about 3801m above sea level this high altitude lake is one of the major trout fishing centre around Sonamarg.

Attractions – the high altitude Kishensar Lake is flanked by snow covered mountains and is considered Anglers paradise.

Gadsar – Lake

This is one of the high altitude lake surrounded by alpine flowers and large green grass. Picturesquely situated the lake is at a distance of 28 kms from Sonamarg and 5000 meters above sea level. Gadsar is famous for trout fishing and the lake inhabits brown coloured fishes. The major attraction is the fishing and trekking towards some beautiful spots like Gangabal, nandakul and Satsar – Lake

Nandakul Sar

Picturesquely situated – this small lake is flanked by lush green meadows & varieties of alpine flowers. The lake lies at foot hills of mount Harmukh & is a major attraction for Anglers in summer.

The area around the lake serves as the camping site during summers.


The area around Naranag is major stop over and starting point for some of the most frequent treks like trek to mount Harmukh, Gangabal Lake trek, Satsar Lake trek, Gadsar Lake trek, Vishensar Lake trek and Kishensar Lake trek which may take upto week or 10 days depending on the nature of the trek.

Attractions – situated at the banks of the River Wangath the area is also famous for Naranag Temple.

Mount Harmukh

Part of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, the mount Harmukh peak is found in Kashmir valley at a height of about 16870ft from the sea level.


Breathtakingly beautiful natural scenic spot – the Baltal is around 15 kms from Sonamarg. The area around Baltal is famous for setting up of annual base camps for Amarnath Yatri’s. The most common 14 kms annual trek starts here from Baltal to Amarnath Cave which takes 4 hours to the pilgrims to reach the cave.