Land of breathtakingly beautiful meadows flanked by lofty snow clad mountains and pine forests. Abode to some of the highest peaks in Pir panjal range like Tatakoti 4725m & sunset peak 4746 meters – the area around Yusmarg has many meadows and a ‘River Doodh Ganga’

Attractions –  the Yusmarg valley is at about 47 kms drive from Srinagar. Sightseeing to some of the mesmerizing meadows of Liddermar, Haigin and Sang  – e- Safeed meadows makes the place idyllic picnic spots. The area around Yusmarg has many tourists attractions like Nilnag LakeCharar – e – Sharief Shrine and Tosa Maidan

River Doodh Ganga

Doodh Ganga stream is famous for its fast flowing waters which collides on its way over rocks thus foaming with lather which gives a white watery appearance to the waters flowing in Doodh Ganga River.

Tosa Maidan

Tosa Maidan is one of the most picturesque highland meadows in Yusmarg. Situated amongst the mountain range of Himalayas flanked by dense forestsv the palce is used by shepherds in summer for grazing their large flocks of livestock. A large variety of wild flowers is also present in the area which gives it a serene look and visual delight

Nilnag Lake

Situated at a distance of 4 kms down hill to yusmarg is fascinating Nilnag Lake surrounded by hills. The presence of blue coloured water in the Lake has earned it the name of Nilnag.

Charar – e – Sharief Shrine

This is one of the historic shrine at a distance of40 kms from Srinagar built in reverence to Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani (RA) one of the holy saints of Sufiism. Equally held in high esteem by Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits – the Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani  (RA) is also known as Nund rishi who spread the message of Islam and communal peace among the people of Kashmir.

Sang  – e- Safeed Valley

This oval shaped meadow bisected by a Doodh Ganga stream is around 10 kms from Yusmarg valley flanked by dense pine forests the area around Sang  – e- Safeed Valley is used by trekkers to trek Mount Tatakoti.